The first true record of cold-brewed coffee (made with cold water) comes from Kyoto, Japan in the 1600's. The idea behind cold brewing coffee was that it would have a longer shelf-life long enough to be carried on ships.

Over the years, cold brew coffee has caught on in popularity. There are plenty of places that offer cold brew coffee, but very few specialize in it. We wanted to take our favorite drink and improve on it by mastering the craft of cold brewing coffee. Cold brew is all we do. 

After months of experimenting we perfected our process. It all starts with filtered water, our proprietary process and precise blend of carefully selected special grade coffee beans steeped for 24 hours in our specially crafted brew tanks. 

We meticulously monitor the process until just the right time and then the cold brew is moved to the filtering stage. After a few more steps, the coffee is ready for bottling, capping and labeling. School House Cold Brew is then hand packed and ready to be distributed. We designed our cold brew so that it is ready to drink right out of the bottle. 

We work every day to craft in small batches, the best cold brew on the market, while doing our part to honor the tradition of cold brewing coffee that dates back to the 1600s.